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Fast Track MBA Graduate Business Ektio Shoes Launched

Dr. Barry Katz Fast Track MBA ’09 has launched Ektio Inc. According to the press release, “For the first time in history, a new, clinically tested athletic shoe produced by Ektio Inc. ( has been designed to become the antidote to the #1 orthopedic injury in the U.S.; combating the most common, painful, and expensive injury on basketball courts today – sprained ankles. In an effort to combat the $3000-$5000 spent on ankle sprain healthcare per incident, $4.2 billion annual economic loss and $1 million a year in U.S. emergency room visits, Dr. Barry Katz Fast Track MBA ‘09, with his medical team, attacked the problem and created an anti-sprain technology. Built in straps within the wall of the shoe anchor the ankle, which prevents rollover injuries. In addition, it incorporates “anti rollover bumpers” on the outside of the sole. Former NY Knick, John Starks, is on a mission to get this groundbreaking shoe to his fellow NBA players and beyond. Ektio shoes retail for $199.99 and will become available at and at at the start of this year’s basketball season in November, 2010.”  To read more, click here.