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Student-Run Business Thinklite LLC Sponsors All Lighting For Boston GreenFest

ThinkLite LLC, a lighting efficiency firm, was the official title sponsor for the Boston GreenFest in Boston City Hall Plaza August 19-21, 2010.

The student run business from Babson started just over a year ago and has since made such advancements as working with Fortune 500 companies to being honored with the privilege of working with GreenFest by providing 100% of their lighting for the three-day event.

ThinkLite provides businesses and households with energy efficient lighting solutions at no upfront costs. The innovative business uses advanced technologies to measure energy consumed by lighting and provides turnkey solutions and guaranteed energy savings that reduce monthly lighting costs by up to 87.5%.

As a proud sponsor of GreenFest 2010, ThinkLite LLC used energy efficient lighting that was 75% more efficient than the lighting that was provided in previous years.

Boston GreenFest 2010 took place from August 19th to the 21st to provide the citizens of Greater Boston with ideas and solutions to make the city a more sustainable and efficient place to live. Hundreds of exhibitors, including ThinkLite, worked to educate and influence a greener future for the city of Boston.

To learn more about ThinkLite LLC and Boston GreenFest 2010 and join the movement to a greener future in Boston City Hall Plaza, visit their website

ThinkLite is among the Babson businesses that are finalists in the MassChallenge startup competition taking place this fall at the Boston Innovation District.