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2010 Alumni/Roommates Partner To Launch Roominate Marketing

•    Name of business: Roominate Marketing;

•    Mission: to help businesses grow and succeed with online marketing initiatives

•    Name(s): Charlie Scala, ’10, and Henry O’Loughlin, ’10,

•    Launched: 2010

•    Initial Investment: about $1,000

•    Where: Hull, MA

•    Founder’s Past Life/Business: Henry and I were randomly assigned as roommates in our freshman year at Babson. We talked about starting something of our own throughout our four years at Babson and the opportunity came to fruition shortly after graduation.

•    How The Idea Began: Henry and I always wanted to start our own business, and the opportunity to become part of the online marketing revolution, helping businesses grow and succeed with new media and marketing initiatives was too good to pass up.

•    Favorite Thing about the Business: hanging out with my best friend every day

•    Worst Thing About the Business: hanging out with my best friend EVERY day

•    Biggest Challenge: Launching a consulting company without first having a job in the field