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Vedic Relief – Herbal Immune And Nerve Support Remedy

  • Name of business: Vedic Relief; the number one Ayurvedic remedy for Bell’s palsy in North America. Vedic Relief also benefits those with sinus infections, allergies, inflammations and weakened immune systems; all with completely natural ingredients. Since all of the ingredients in Vedic Relief come from nature there are no side effects to the user and AyurAmerica ensures that Vedic Relief is 100% safe in addition to being vegetarian friendly and non-addictive.
  • Co-founder/contact: Cory Henig, ’09;; 516-902-8834
  • Mission: To bring Ayurvedic Medicinal remedies to the United States
  • Launched:  May 7th 2010, in Long Island, NY
  • Past Life:  Serial entrepreneur; I launch online businesses
  • Favorite Thing about the Business:  This product can help a lot of people.  We have provided samples to many people who had incredible feedback for us.