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LINESNOB.COM: Changing The Way You Wait

  • Mission: To Change The Way You Wait!
  • Started in: 2010
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY
  • Founders: 3 Founders, 2 Babson undergrad alums, Eric Adler and Julien Chabbott, both ’06, and Film Director, Brandon Ravet
  • The Idea Began from wanting to know how long the lines are before leaving your house or work, and whether or which popular eatery, brunch, nightclub, post office or even airport security line to go to. How much time do you need to give yourself to deal with the line? Can you afford to go to such a venue based on how long the line is and how much time you have?
  • Initial Idea: We came up with the initial concept and immediately began to find developers because we were new to the technology space. We realized the opportunity of location-based applications, and were focused on getting to market as soon as possible while building the LINE SNOB version 1.0 we dreamed of.
  • Favorite Thing: Creating a utility for a common problem that everyone faces. We are not solving a problem in the sense that we are not eliminating lines, but we are offering people information that will help them understand the situation they are about to enter.
  • Worst Thing About the Business: Working on both eastern and pacific time-zones.
  • Biggest Challenge: Innovating everyday on the product side, while creating business opportunities and managing the daily functions of LINE SNOB.
  • Lesson Learned: Make sure your partners are very strong emotionally, are open-minded, and fully trusted by the entire team because a start-up partnership is a wild relationship.
  • Business: LINE SNOB;; Twitter linesnob; Facebook:
  • Free download on iTunes at:
  • Name, email, cell: Eric Adler,, (858) 775-2289