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Exercising More Comfortably

Name of business: Mi-Bra

Founder/s: Carolina Baker ‘05,

The beginning: A little more than a year ago, I took long distance running up as a hobby and started participating in marathons. I immediately noticed a need for an eco-friendly women’s sports bra with a pocket. So I contacted a manufacturer in Colombia that my family knew and sent him a couple pictures of what I had in mind. He sent me back samples and I was sold. The Mi-Bra is comfortable, made with 100% organic cotton, and has a no frills pocket for you to place your iPod when exercising. Even if you don’t exercise with music, you can put a couple dollar bills to take to the gym and buy a bottle of water before or after your workout. It’s a win-win situation, either way.

Initial Investment: From emailing blogs, to sending out samples and to communicating with the manufacturer, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to this business. The cost of submitting a trademark application for the Mi-Bra was three hundred dollars. Additionally, I’m working with a web designer to create an online presence. The cost of the website will be approximately a thousand dollars. I paid the manufacturer three thousand dollars to receive my first batch of Mi-Bra’s.

Employees: Myself.

Founder’s Past Life: I continue to be a financial services employee by day and a graduate student by night. I do not foresee my situation changing in the near future.

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea: My initial preparation to germinate idea wasn’t very long. From taking up long distance running to observing a need for a Sports Bra with a Pocket was almost as natural and gradual as my love for running and for long distances grew. I needed a place to keep my iPod steady and my debit card and ID handy. In May, I chose to do something about my idea by contacting a couple people I knew. From there, it’s history!

Favorite Thing about the Business: Knowing that women are exercising more comfortably because of me.

Worst Thing About the Business: Having to coordinate production with an international manufacturer.

Biggest Challenge: Believing in my product when some people haven’t.

Lesson Learned: Everything worthwhile takes time. Patience is definitely a virtue. And only with hard work will you see your dreams take-off!

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