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MBA Product Design Fair Showcases Innovative Ideas

Five teams of Babson MBA students showcased their new products developed during the graduate, single-semester Product Design and Development course (MOB-7555). Design-that-Matters and Essential Design were project sponsors.  Babson Professor Sebastian Fixson is the faculty director. Students were encouraged with prototyping support and engineering advice from Olin College of Engineering.  Matt Kressy from Rhode Island School of Design also consulted on industrial design.

U-Br311a–a modular umbrella with an assortment of colorful designs marketed to “urban hipsters”, age 23-28.

Yishu Xia, Seton Hawkins, Beth Borges

U-Br311a team (LtoR):  Yishu Xia, Seton Hawkins, Beth Borges, Michael Dunford (absent from photo)

Scrap Happy Digital Scrapbooking–an innovative software tool that enhances the user experience,blending the best of traditional and digital methods in the current scrapbooking trend.

Scrap Happy team (LtoR):  Ashley Sparks, Patricia Radford, Michael Hurwitz, Gordon Livingstone

Precious Blue Phototherapy–provides affordable phototherapy treatment for otherwise healthy babies suffering from neonatal jaundice.

Precious Blue Phototherapy team (LtoR):  Shilpi Gupta, Molly McDonald, Lara Clemenzi, Rahul Bhansali, Prakash Bhatia

Long Beach AllStar–An all-in one transportation solution for day excursions to the beach.

Long Beach All Star team (LtoR):  Rachel Texeira, Tanya Dumrongmanee, Derek Chapman, Matt Nuernburger (absent from photo)

The Bouncer–a trendy umbrella designed with an attachment that agitates a specially-coated canopy, efficiently shedding accumulated water pools.

The Bouncer team (LtoR):  Matt Benjamin, Carlos Mazo, Jeff Meeter, Lulu Wang

Message from Professor Fixson.