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Middle School Entrepreneurs Present Biz Plans To Their Babson Student Teachers

Seven students from Gavin Middle School in South Boston arrived at Babson this morning to present their business plans to the Babson students in Len Green’s class who taught them over the last ten weeks what entrepreneurship means, how it works, and where it can take you.

Today students in the class took on the role of venture capitalists, asking the enthusiastic entrepreneurs questions about their products or services and why they should invest in them.

Front (left to right): Gavin MS students Wilson Nguyen, Lexee Steele, Joel Pinet, Jalicia Morgan, Justin Depina; Rear (left to right): Babson students Stefano Vagliettei, Eduardo Cano, Kaitlyn Pettengill; Gavin students Justin Wilson (face hidden), Sentra Louis, Grace Ajayi (Gavin team leader); and Babson students Lauren Kritzer, Patrick Ehart, and Ari Shram.

Three teams presented businesses, including PowerPoint aids.  The first was a business that would enable shoppers to design their own clothes. You would enter a shop and, with the help of a professional designer, would customize your own items. After about 6 weeks, your clothing would arrive with a personal tag: “Inspired by (your name here).” The Design Your Own Clothes team of two did a great job and the Babson student VCs were great advocates.

The second team presented Media Read, a tech gadget whose unique feature is that you can read the book, then watch the movie, then read… using the same device. The concept is to aid young students who aren’t crazy about reading and whose imaginations are inspired by movies. The example was the Harry Potter books.  A student would read two chapters (or so), then watch the movie up to that point, and then return to reading; much like a Kindle, but with video capability.

The final presentation was called Law Gallery. This third team’s service was an outlet for city service workers to display their art and therefore express their often hidden emotions. This would be an opportunity for fire departments, police, and others to use their talent to reach audiences that see them only people in uniform.

Len Green is a great teacher and coach for his Family Business students and for the prospective middle school entrepreneurs from South Boston.  For their hard work, each Gavin student received a Babson t-shirt and a trophy, and a plaque with their names on it will be posted at their school.