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Reject Dogma, Create Innovation

Anand Vengurlekar has seen enough to know the best innovations are driven by observation.
Vengurlekar is the CEO of Stoic Denmark, a leading Danish branding and innovation consultancy.  A panelist for Corporate Innovation at the 2009 Babson Entrepreneurship Forum, Vengurlekar said companies are too often bogged down by their own preconceptions.
The solution?
“You go out there and observe, and observe and observe,” Vengurlekar said. “Get out there and understand what’s really going on.”
He said the best companies allow employees to question accepted norms, ask the right questions, and take the time needed to create game-changing innovations.
When choosing an established company to work for, Vengurlekar said aspiring entrepreneurs must first check find out the extent to which empowerment exists in the corporation.
“Your ability to remain objective to the dogma of an organization is critical to your advancement within that organization,” Vengurlekar said.

– By Andrew Lightman M’11