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A Lesson from the Devil Wearing Prada

Babson Professor “Miranda” Guinan challenges business students to create a trend-setting social media campaign.

 In her MBA course entitled, The IT Enabled Social Business,   Babson IT Professor P.J. Guinan takes an entrepreneurial approach to teach her students about the impact of social media technologies in marketing a business.

The course is based on a single case series, following the needs of the high-strung, excruciatingly demanding “Miranda” Guinan, CEO, Boston Advertising (fictional).  She only communicates assignments via social technologies (see below video where students can simultaneously post comments to the Devilish Guinan) and she expects absolute perfection from her Babson Fast Track students.

Students ask questions and get support using Twitter and their discussions are in wiki format.   Final presentations must demonstrate an ability to use web 2.0 tools—Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, wikis, communities– to solve real business problems in innovative ways.

Experts in social technologies, from around the world, will judge and communicate virtually to students on the caliber of their final SM campaigns.

Video link to “Miranda” Guinan’s Fast Track assignment:

Ruth Gilleran, Lecturer, Information Technology and Keri Pearlson, Lecturer,
Fast Track Portland are also teaching the class.

Babson Prof. Guinan’s video project was developed in collaboration with Babson‘s CITG.

The Curriculum Innovation and Technology Group (CITG) is a curriculum-based technology consulting organization that provides thought leadership and support services to the Babson College academic programs and Babson College faculty.

 The group’s primary focuses include:

• Researching and developing best practices and innovative uses of technology in education
• Empowering faculty to use technology and appropriate pedagogies in their course and content development
• Collaborating with program administrators and faculty to innovate the curriculum through technology integration
• Contributing to Babson brand-building by positioning the College as a leader in curriculum innovation and technology