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Babson Summer Venture Business: Emergent Energy Group Inc

Name of business: Emergent Energy Group Inc

• Mission: We plan, design, and facilitate the advancement of community focused energy and sustainability solutions. Our contribution helps public and private entities assess, optimize, and create on-site clean energy systems. We believe that distributed power generated from renewable energy resources through creative, sustainable ventures will lead to the true fulfillment of an Energy Democracy, when all American communities are economically strong, resilient, and thriving.

• Began: May 2008
• Revenues: $200,000
• Initial Investment: $500

• Broke Even: June 2008

• Where:  Boston MA

• Your name, email, cell:

Ugrad Christopher P. Jacobs Jr.
Emergent Energy Group
Office: 617.764.0206
Mobile: 585.899.0774

“The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness.”

-Henry David Thoreau
Employees: 12

• Founder’s Past Life/Business: Founder & CEO of College Saver

• How The Idea Began: Want to change how renewable energy is developed and distributed. 
• Favorite Thing about the Business: We have fun!

• Worst Thing About the Business: Work very long hours.