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New Business: Give Back a Pack Foundation, Inc.

Name of business:  Give Back a Pack Foundation, Inc

Mission:  To improve the lives of underprivileged children through the collection and distribution of backpacks.

Began:   April 2009 in Miami, Fl

Founders: Nicholas Kling & Renzo Pisa, Babson 2007 undergrad alums



Business: 617-281-9822; 305-807-9463

Facebook: GiveBackaPack



Founder’s Past Life/Business:

Real Estate Underwriting; Real Estate Investment Banking

Creators of board game ‘Keyopoly’ for Key Biscayne, FL

How The Idea Began:  When Renzo was laid off from Merrill Lynch’s Real Estate Investment Banking group, he decided to pursue his passion for social entrepreneurship. He approached Nicholas who was instantly eager to join. While at Babson, they had traveled throughout Latin America together and witnessed the need for school supplies and back packs in many of the poor villages they visited. After reminiscing about their past trips, the two decided to start a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the poor children or Latin America. This was the birth of Give Back a Pack Foundation, Inc.

Favorite Thing about the Business: Seeing the smiles on the kids faces when you hand them backpacks

Worst Thing About the Business:  More work than life on Wall Street

Biggest Challenge:  Building a sustainable and efficient organization