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Babson Entrepreneurial Energy Expo – Live Feeds Via Twitter

This year we are introducing a Twitter presence to the Babson Entrepreneurial Energy Expo event. Similar to live-blogging, live-tweeting allows attendees and those around the world to follow the progress of the event as it takes place. Here’s a quick how-to participate:

• Sign up for a Twitter account and follow Twitter feed for the event:
• Twitter your own thoughts about the conference to your account, using the #babsonenergy tag.
• We will be showing a twhirl of all tweets from and tweets that are tagged with #babsonenergy before and after panel sessions.
Here are some example ways to interact
• Submit a question or reply to an official tweet about the event: @BabsonEnergy
• Make your own comment on the E3 2009: #babsonenergy

Check out for all other information