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Mass Probiotics, LLC

Name of business: Mass Probiotics, LLC is our company.  However, our brand is phd which stands for probiotics.  It's the first probiotic enhanced flavored water.  We have 2 flavored water beverages and are launching 3 additional products soon!

Mission: Our mission, as the makers of phd™ at Mass Probiotics, is to improve human health by supplying essential and beneficial probiotics in a convenient, delicious, and healthy beverage. We also aim to increase awareness in the U.S. about the benefits of probiotics and to make phd and our future products available from coast to coast and eventually internationally.

Began: Fall 2006

Founders: Dave Tabaczynski M'02 and Bill Boone M'04.  Lots of involvement from other Babson MBAs as well (funding and active roles).

How the Idea Began: Dave, our resident microbiologist and visionary, realized that many of his family and friends had health issues. After reading hundreds of journal articles, Dave discovered that the root of many of these conditions could be an imbalanced gut (or digestive system). He then set out to find a solution that would treat the root cause of his loved ones' health issues.  Replenishing the body's natural supply of probiotics in a healthy, effective way became his mission. phd was born when Dave found a way to introduce probiotics to flavored water, and recruited the team to help him bring the beverage to market.  

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea: Currently we're preparing for a January launch of the product on the shelves of natural food stores.  We're working with a national sales management company for natural foods for a launch on the west coast. 

Favorite Thing about the Business: We have a truly innovative product that will benefit lots of people. 

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