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What's Green, Entrepreneurial, and Keeps on Giving?


Yup, it’s Len Green; so you already know him! 


Babson adjunct lecturer and serial entrepreneur Leonard Green recently fulfilled a lifelong personal dream by completing the 26.2 mile course of the Boston Marathon.

On September 28th Len participated in a Jimmy Fund charity fundraiser for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Len alternately ran and walked the entire route – including the notorious Heartbreak Hill – in just over 9 hours.

Leonard C. Green, CPA, MBA, and Entrepreneur, is CEO of the Green Group, which consists of 14 different businesses including accounting, consulting, financial, real estate, thoroughbred horses, sports teams, a dog food and cat food company, and three charities. Len also sits on the Boards of several companies and foundations.

At Babson Len teaches two entrepreneurial courses, one structured similar to Donald Trump’s Apprentice TV series, and a Family Business course. His classes have been featured on CNBC Squawk Box and ABC TV.

His recent articles on Family Business, Succession Planning, Company Evaluations, and his Apprentice Class have appeared in over 200 newspapers including the Wall StreetJournal, New York Post, Star Ledger, Boston Globe, and Inc. Magazine.

I, for one, am proud to work with him!