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Name of business:Zaang, LLC –

Mission:  To create a community where users are rewarded for sharing quality content.

Began:  2007

Where:  Online

Founders:  Mike Markarian (, Alex Kravets ( and Dave Chenell (

How The Idea Began:  We began as an electronics retailer offering special deals for college students.  We realized we needed to build a community to keep users coming back, and that instant marked the beginning of something special. 

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea:  A full year of creating, reorganizing and rebuilding a simple concept

Favorite Thing about the Business:  The thrill of creating something that will help others in all facets of life.

Biggest Challenge:  Anticipating where online advertising is going, and getting there before everyone else does.

Lesson Learned: The dialogue you should be most concerned with is the one you have with yourself — limits are created internally.  You start thinking bigger, your passion grows exponentially, and you get this amazing feeling that something really special is about to happen.