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Babson Entrepreneur Shapes New "Tude" about Hot Dogs


Babson MBA alum Ari Wurmann doesn't consider himself a restaurateur.  He 's more comfortable thinking of himself as an entrepreneur with a big idea…making the hot dog, a top dog in the franchise industry.  

His Franktitude, a different kind of eatery—five shops with a sixth on the way in Miami—is a top notch alternative to fast food, quicker and more affordable than fast casual, that's all about freshness and choices.  There are some 50 toppings to spread on hot dogs, salads, and sandwiches. 

Ari opened five Franktitudes simultaneously in 2006 just after earning his Babson MBA.  Originally from Chile, he and his family decided to make Miami home, and like most Babson students, Ari developed the initial plans for Franktitude while a student at Babson.

“Franktitude is changing consumers' perceptions about hot dogs,” said Ari, who today addressed a class of MBA students visiting from Chile and Venezuela.  He said that surprisingly, 75% of Franktitude customers are women.  “They see the quality of the product, and have come to believe that it is a healthier, ok kind of food to eat.”  Hot dogs at the eatery aren't just pork and beef anymore.  Some top dog choices also include salmon, tofu, and chicken.  Price point is about $5.49 per meal including beverage and side of sweet potato fries (optional).

Ari's 11- D's of Entrepreneurship–Dream, Doers, Decisiveness, Determination, Dedication, Devotion, Details, Destiny, Dollars, and Distribution.

Ari's 9- F's of Entrepreneurship—Founders, Focus, Fast, Flexible, Forever-innovating, Flat (keep management), Frugal, Friendly, and Fun.

Ari's New Venture Realities—

Most business plans are obsolete at the printer.

A venture is always a work in progress.

Speed and adaptability are crucial.

If you fall quickly, recoup quickly.

Success is situational—dependent on time, space, context, and luck.

One salmon, chili dog to go please, hold the mustard!

Ari Wurmann