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Freshmen Present 2008 FME Businesses

Babson first year students presented their FME businesses to the community on Feb. 5.

Babson Sleepwear
Babson Sleepwear provides customized Babson thermals as well as flannel pants to help keep you warm and comfy.  Wear your Babson products to show your Babson pride.

Beaver Stress Relievers
Beaver Stress Relievers sells a squeezable beaver shaped stress ball that provides a cheap and easy way to relieve stress and relax. The Business also provides a service to companies where it distributes stress balls, with a company logo on them, at a designated area.

BobbleMe will be selling picture frame bobbleheads.  These bobbleheads are a unique and fun way to capture a memory for a life time.  They come in a variety of models ranging from police officer to sports players and are fun for everyone.

Business Prep
Business Prep is a clothing company that provides a product mix that consists of polo shirts, neckties, bracelets and necklaces.   We distinguish ourselves from other companies by offering customization at an affordable price.  All of our products are “preppy”.

Coffee Sleeves
Coffee Sleeves sells advertisement space on coffee sleeves. Our sleeves will be distributed via local coffee shops in the Wellesley, Needham, and Natick areas.  We pride ourselves on providing advertisement space that guarantees maximum exposure due to the large consumption of coffee on a daily and weekly basis.

College Kicks
College Kicks will  sell animal shaped slippers with customized collegiate logos.  Our goal is to provide our customers with superior products and services. 

Envy Attire
Envy Attire aims to provide its customers with T-shirts and Sweatshirts that are affordable, unique in design and high in quality.  Envy Attire will be creating their own original designs in house as well as using designers from around the world.

Finders Keypers
Finders Keypers aims to provide a low priced high quality key finder to college students to help them locate misplaced keys and other important items to eliminate stress, save time and create a hassle free morning. Our product can attach to many different items and is quite affordable for the college student budget.

Fresh Scentz
Fresh Scentz is providing the Babson community with customized hanging air fresheners in varying shapes and scents.  We also are targeting the auto industry and other schools to provide air fresheners fully customized to meet their needs as an effective way for them to advertise.

Java Jolt Soaps

Need that extra boost to get you going in the morning?  Need that little something extra to help you finish that last minute paper?  Look no further, Java Jolt Soaps introduces the latest addition to the Energy Products family.  Java Jolt Energy Soap will perk you up and get you moving any time of day. 

MeFlect is selling a screen protecting mirror for common use and convenience to be applied on one's cellular phone, digital camera, or mp3.  The business will cater to both individuals and businesses' needs accordingly.  The product allows the hassle free feature of carrying a mirror around for those occasions where it is needed in addition to protecting the owner's screen.

Nef-Nef Bathrobes
Nef-Nef Bathrobes is a unique company that sells 100% organic cotton bathrobes that are both eco-friendly as well as bio-degradable. They are also machine washable as well as extremely comfortable and can even be personally embroidered.

Pens4you is a company dedicated to supplying its consumers with high quality wooden pens. A product that is not only unique in style with customizable options, but also unique in price. Its smooth writing ballpoint pens come in various beautiful wooden boxes which can also hove your own name on it. Pens4you sells at a fraction of the cost, providing customers with a stylish pen at an unseen price.

Ping Pong Promotions
Ping Pong Promotions is selling quality ping pong balls with customizable logos at a competitive price.  These ping pong balls can be used for sport or advertising.  We will distribute the balls for clients who purchase advertising.

Project Penguin Skins
Project Penguin Skins offers unique and customizable vinyl laptop and ipod skins.  We offer three different products in our line; one for laptops, one for iPods and one for iPod nanos. 

Stick-It! sesigns and prints promotional print products such as business cards, magnets, and stickers.  Our customers include small and medium sized businesses, as well as local organizations and schools. From building school spirit, to raising brand awareness, our print products serve a variety of different markets at very competitive prices. As part of our approach to corporate clients, we will suggest utilization of our products to promote either a specific product, or for general branding purposes. We work with our clients in mind to design and produce the perfect print product.