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Babson Business: Turtle Feet Creative Learning


Name of business: Turtle Feet Creative Learning

Mission: To allow children the experience of learning through art.

Began: 2007

Where: Easton, MA

Founder: Kathryn Cowan Porro,
One-Year MBA Program '06

How the idea began:  “While running an academic learning center I was afforded the opportunity to speak with thousands of parents.  Those many conversations helped me to understand the desires and goals they have for their children and the challenges they faced in terms of finding means to achieve them.  Of the most pressing issues was the absence of art programs in school, the desire to learn academic basics early on, and the illustration of fun while learning.  Turtle Feet sits at this crossroad.” 

Favorite  thing about the business: Seeing the look on a child's face when they show mom and dad “what they made!” and seeing the kind of progress and learning that takes place during their time in the program.

Lesson learned: “Your customers will help mold the business and are often the greatest source for ideas.”