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CWL Author Series: Beth Goldstein, "The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Toolkit"


Babson's Center for Women's Leadership featured Beth Goldstein, author of The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Toolkit at last evening's CWL Author Series. Goldstein is founder of Marketing Edge Consulting Group and works one-on-one with clients across the globe. She has more than 20 years' experience in sales and marketing.

The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Toolkit provides entrepreneurs with hands-on guidance  to implement an integrated sales and marketing program quickly and with minimum cost.

CWL's Sharon Feintuck submitted this outline of tips and advice from Goldstein's presentation and suggests you begin to Execute, Execute, Execute!

Be able to identify your customer's needs and exceed them.

–      Why do they buy?

–      What factors influence purchases?

–      Where do they gather data?

–      What is the one problem that you solve for them?

What info do you need to know?

–      Spending Habits

–      Demographics

–      Psychographics

–      Influencers

–      Other factors?

How do you get this info?

–      Ask them

–      Sample them

–      This takes out all the guesswork, therefore your delivery (of goods and/or services) will be exactly what the customer perceives; not what YOU think you are delivering. 

–      Use Surveys

–      Focus Groups

–      Interviews

–      Advisory Boards


–    Don't look at look-a-likes only-look at like needs. 

–    Ask yourself, if you were your own competitor, how would you put you out ofbusiness?

How do you avoid becoming obsolete?

–      Differentiate yourself

–      Understand your customers

–      Learn from innovators

–      Form strategic alliances

–      “Think outside the box!”


–      What is a brand? 

–      Be clear with your brand to the world.


Network – a must!

Elevator Pitch

–      Practice it, know it, own it, use it!


–      Help people buy and sell to their needs

–      Know their timing

Have a:

–      Plan for action

–      Passion…..and

Execute, Execute, Execute!