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Babson Business:


Name of business: EndlessRoom; 

Mission: Art to the people!

Began: 2006

Revenues: $20,000+ projected by end of 2007

Initial Investment: $300,000

Broke Even: Projected June 2008

Where: Online

Founder: Ross Beyeler, or

Undergrad or Grad Student: UGRAD

Partners: Jamie Kent (Babson 2009), Nick Ditmore (Babson Fall 2007), Luke Pellegrini (Emerson Graduate Program 2007)

Founder's Past Life/Business:

  • ROSS Liquid Point Entertainment (DJ and entertainment company) ; Avinuity (web consulting, design and development) ; Mission Tuition (Online resource for making and managing money in college)
  • JAMIE LlamaTuMama Entertainment (independent record label) ; Blue Pickett Fence T-Shirts (Apparel Company)
  • NICK CultureDrone (Non-profit art publication) ; MixdMedia (full solutions think tank and consulting firm)

How The Idea Began: Being a team of artists and creative people, we found ourselves frustrated with the lack of communication and means of distribution for art online.

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea: Months of research and brainstorming.

Favorite Thing about the Business: Everyday our idea evolves and we are forced to conquer new problems.

Worst Thing About the Business: How snobby the art world can be.

Biggest Challenge: Understanding the depths and range of our market – the art world is a mysterious one. Also, learning to manage a team of individuals who all want their opinions heard.

Lesson Learned: Cut Profits in half, expect development time to take twice as long and know funding will last four times longer than expected.