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Babson Business: Polina Fashion


Name of business: Polina Fashion – 

Mission: To provide the highest quality service possible regarding our client's specific needs while continuously growing our business to provide an even larger array of services. To satisfy our client's need in fashion production, event production, consulting or talent scouting with competitive pricing and uncompromising quality of service.  We will work to develop solid long-lasting customer relationships in order to retain our clients. As the need arises we will take on more production workers to be able to grow with our demand.  As a socially-conscious company, we plan to host events that help our community, meanwhile promoting the fashion.

Began:  2006; Boston, MA

Founder:Polina Raygorodskaya;   617-407-5313

Babson Student: Undergrad

Employees: 3

Founder's Past Life/Business:Full time student, Professional Model. As a professional model I always had a passion for the fashion world. When asked to produce a fashion show for a big event I jumped at the opportunity. The show was such a success that I was approached by other companies asking me to produce shows for them. From that moment, I decided I wanted to have my own production company and created Polina Fashion.

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea:
Researched other fashion production companies and see the services they offer, so I knew what I could build on. Then I devised a business plan to keep me focused on where I want Polina Fashion to go and make sure that I don't get side tracked. After that I set forth implementing my plan and finding clients for the company.

Favorite Thing about the Business:I love fashion and everything that goes into it so it is really great for me to work in a field that I am passionate about. The best thing about doing my productions nationwide is that I get to travel a lot which I love.

Worst Thing about the Business:Managing the 'diva' models.

Biggest Challenge:Getting people to take me seriously because of my age. A lot of people think that just because I am young I am not focused or am not able to pull off productions with 20,000 people. Most often I do not tell people my age or that I am a student because I am afraid that it might cost me a client.

Lesson Learned:Build something you are passionate about. Many people think about money as the only motivation to start a business, but if you are devoting 20 hours a day to something in your life, you better be passionate about what you are doing or you will be miserable.