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Babson Business: Telme' Clothing

Name of business: Telmé Clothing (

Mission:Telmé is an educational based clothing brand that the world will come to know, use, respect, and befriend as a neighborly sustainable Brand. We use the Telmé more concept to educate and create an interactive culture in an ever increasingly impersonal world. Telmé's family of employees is empowered to create a happy, creative, and rewarding workplace which in effect generates a successful company. Telmé is a sustainable brand that is dedicated to educating the world.

Began in: 2004

Where: Started in Hillsborough, NJ and Mantoloking, NJ.  Moved to Ewing, NJ where business is currently based.

Founder: Kevin Shane,, 732-546-4669

Founder's Past Life/Business: Peddie School (high school) '99, Babson College '03.  I may have been a pirate in my past life

How the Idea Began: I was designing my graduation t-shirt as a souvenir for family and friends. There is only a limited amount of information that can be printed on the outside of a shirt to keep it attractive.  I wanted to include more information, so I decided to conceal it in a spot that was easily accessible…the inside back bottom of the shirt. Just flip up the back of the shirt and be enlightened.

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea: I made a t-shirt at Babson for the Babson Beach Club, which sold many.  Then, I created a small business plan on a t-shirt company.  That started the t-shirt craze in my mind.

Favorite Thing about the Business: The limitless creativity that I can use.

Worst Thing about the Business: My Company isn't a beer brewery.

Biggest Challenge: Getting to the next level of business…expansion to larger retail, higher quantities for larger promotions.  Operations come into play big time!

Lesson Learned: It's what's on the inside that counts.