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Babson Business: Media Conversion and Protection, LLC.


  • Name of business: Media Conversion and Protection, LLC.;
  • Mission: To offer the best in media conversion and customer service to all of our clients.
  • Began in: 2005
  • Revenues: $30,000
  • Initial Investment: $2,000
  • Broke Even: 1/2006
  • Where: Atlanta, GA   now in Babson Park, MA    This summer we will have locations in Boston, MA  Cape Elizabeth, ME; Charlotte, NC; New York, NY ; Atlanta, GA
  • Your name, email, cell: Mark Bollman  404 210 4103
  • Undergrad or Grad Student: undergrad
  • Employees: 5:  Andrew Rodbell, Jeff Croteau, Steve Hodgson, John Montgomery, Eric Schleien
  • Founder's Past Life/Business: Mark Bollman, current CEO, and Alberto Means were partners in the original company Relapse Productions, LLC. Alberto's interests in pottery and his blossoming career in the Atlanta music scene influenced his decision to sell over his half of the company. Over the summer, Mark partnered with a classmate and professional video editor, David Paparelli, and moved the business to Boston where he changed the name to Media Conversion and Protection, LLC. An office was set up on the Babson College campus where the majority of the company's editing takes place. In early 2007 the company went through some necessary changes including a brand new website with online ordering capability in addition to the creation of four new company branches. These branches are due to be in full production by the summer of 2007 in Cape Elizabeth, ME; New York, NY; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA.
  • How the Idea Began: Called my best friend and brainstormed ideas about starting a business, then went out to breakfast the next day, decided on a company name and began!
  • Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea: Studied the potential market and need for our type of services.  Determined what equipment would be necessary, decided on the name and the rest is history.
  • Favorite Thing about the Business: I love to see the smiles on the faces of happy customers as they view their old home videos and remember their past.
  • Worst Thing About the Business: Paying employees.
  • Biggest Challenge: To develop legal safeguards to protect myself, my employees, and the business from litigation.
  • Lesson Learned: It is vital to be meticulous in all of the business transactions to ensure that everything operates smoothly.