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Babson Students Send Valentines to Darfur


Undergrad , Meredith McLeod Sears has organized a special Valentine's Day, all day tomorrow at Reynolds…check it out! 

Will you LOVE us? This Wednesday (Valentines Day) in Reynolds from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The idea of this event is to ask the Babson Community to love their brothers and sisters in Darfur through 3 steps of action in 5 minutes towards ending the Crisis.

3 Steps in 5 Minutes

1) Sign the petition from the Save Darfur Coalition calling President Bush and the UN Secretary-General to take immediate steps to stop the killing.

2) Give the amount of money you would spend on a box of chocolates to the Save Darfur Coalition ($5 or $10)

3) Share our Darfur Valentines with another person informing them of the Crisis and the steps they can take

The windows of Reynolds will have clotheslines attached to them with pictures taken in Darfur hanging off of them as well as challenging slogans to move the Babson Community into action. An array of love themed music will play throughout the day to drum up support and excitement around our booth as well as a banner for participants to sign once they have completed the 3 steps. T-shirt sales will also take place to support the Babson chapter of Stand.

We are really excited about this event and we are thrilled to have you be a part of it! Make this a Different Valentine's Day and Take 3 Steps in 5 Minutes to Stop the Crisis in Darfur!

Thanks for your help!

Meredith McLeod Sears