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Panama Life

Name of Business:
Archery Group Corp


Jesse Levin

Jordan Suppan

To source, purchase with raised funds, and manage real estate in Panama that's excellent relative and absolute value in today's Panamanian market will significantly appreciate over the next 2-5 years due to the very strong strategic and macro economic underpinnings of the Panamanian market and its attraction as a second home and retirement haven for the American and European baby boomer demographic

July 20th 2006

30k in pre-sale deposits

Initial Investment:
Jesse Levin & Jordan Suppan

Founder's Past Life/Business:
Jesse Levin – Prior to, and while attending Babson Jesse launched and ran Adrenaline Marketing, a company specializing in guerrilla marketing, and worked as a professional Captain and Kite boarding instructor.

Jordan Suppan – Prior and during his time at Babson, Jordan has worked as a property manager in Northboro MA, and real estate acquisition analyst in Boston.  He has speculated and purchased real estate on the Sunshine Coast of Australia following the same investment thesis of targeting properties attractive to Baby Boomers.  He has been cofounder of Vista Event Company a Boston/Miami promotions company responsible For the Betsy Johnson Hurricane relief fashion show.    

How The Idea Began:
Jesse Levin – “I was traveling throughout South and Central America for some adventure while simultaneously scouting for real estate investment opportunities.” Panama's real estate market proved to be the most exciting and viable, so we pounced!
Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea:
“Jordan and I threw our packs on our backs and jumped on the first available flight to Panama City. With little capital to our names and no distinct itinerary to speak of we began to scour the country, identifying the different market segments, and establishing our connections as well as ourselves within the community, all while becoming familiar with the legal implications of investing in an offshore market.” 
Favorite Thing about the Business:
The dynamic nature of international real estate investment always keeps you on your toes! 
Worst Thing about the Business:
Due to being a start up – lacking the funds for semi-inhabitable accommodations while on the road, and thus, constantly having to be on guard for cockroaches and snoring roommates!
Biggest Challenge:
Walking away from the larger deals with tremendous upsides due to a lack of capital.

Lesson Learned:
If you conduct yourself with a high level of professionalism and integrity you can do business, and will be taken seriously anywhere in the world.