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Roger Babson’s Founding Principles: Still Sustaining into a Second Century

Happy 100th birthday, Babson College! In a 1930 issue of The New Yorker magazine, Henry F. Pringle profiled Roger Babson and explained his motivations for founding Babson College, which the author described as the entrepreneur’s “greatest enthusiasm” – on par, the author suggested, to having a child. The following are highlights of Pringle’s profile of Babson, prepared…

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Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with Babson College Professor Frederick Opie’s New Book—Southern Food and Civil Rights: Feeding the Revolution

Babson College Professor Frederick Douglass Opie has authored Southern Food and Civil Rights: Feeding the Revolution—his latest book which exposes readers to the importance of food in fueling a movement. From the publisher: Food has been and continues to be an essential part of any movement for progressive change. From home cooks and professional chefs…

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When A Leader Overreaches: JFK’s Pyrrhic Victory Over U.S. Steel

By Professor James Hoopes: When do you pick a fight—and how? These are uncomfortable questions, yet ones leaders often face in high-stakes situations with competitors and rivals. My research on the interplay between business and political leaders shows that there are rarely easy answers. For example, the well-known story of President Kennedy’s 1962 clash with…