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The Importance of Ethics in Business Education

Babson management professors James Hunt, Melissa Manwaring and Danna Greenberg are contributing authors to Educating for Responsible Management: Putting Theory into Practice published by the Principles for Responsible Management Education and Greenleaf Publishing.  They have authored a chapter entitled Walking the Talk: Empowering undergraduate business students to act on their own values. This chapter outlines…

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Founder’s Dilemma: Leadership, Ethics And Entrepreneurs

Caroline Hotchkiss, professor of law, discusses “Founder’s Dilemma: Leadership, Ethics & Entrepreneurs” at Olin College February 25th as part of the Leadership and Ethics public lecture series. Category: Education Tags: business ethics leadership entrepreneurship

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A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Ethical Issues at Work

Senior Research Scholar Mary Gentile writes in the Harvard Business Review blog, The Conversation: Responding to intense pressure for short-term results, people working for corporations often cut corners that they shouldn’t. We use all kinds of rationalizations to excuse these behaviors — everything from “everyone does it” to “nobody’s getting hurt by this” to “I’d…