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Let Us Come to You: Babson Brings its No. 1 Ranked Entrepreneurship Education to Working Professionals Around the World

Guest post by Phillip Kim, Associate Professor and Faculty Director, Babson Blended Learning MBA Program

Phillip KimOur students in the Blended Learning MBA program come to Babson because of its reputation as the leading school for entrepreneurship education.

The recognition by U.S. News & World Report that Babson continues as the No. 1 graduate school for entrepreneurship affirms our role in delivering an exceptional educational experience for our working professional graduate students.

In my current role as Faculty Director of the Blended Learning MBA program, let me highlight how Babson allows graduate students in its gateway cities of Boston, San Francisco and Miami to accelerate their careers from its top-ranked entrepreneurship program. Babson’s Blended Learning MBA program is currently offered in Wellesley and San Francisco and will also launch in Miami starting in the Fall of 2018. As the anchor graduate program in our gateway cities, working professionals who desire the best entrepreneurship graduate education should consider our Blended Learning format. Our graduates apply their education everyday as entrepreneurial leaders to create economic and social value.

One defining feature of Babson’s philosophy of entrepreneurship education is that it is about Entrepreneurship Of All Kinds®. What does that mean to our Blended Learning MBA students who study while working full-time? Our program enables students to become successful entrepreneurial leaders in their workplaces – as senior managers, project leaders, or in other roles where they can identify and create opportunities to generate value. Entrepreneurship education is not just about learning to start a new venture. It is also about gaining the skills to launch new initiatives within existing organizations, to mobilize stakeholders for a common cause, or to turn around an under-performing part of the business.