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Law Faculty And Their Students Receive Numerous Honors

Six out of seven members of the Babson law faculty and one of their students received collectively an unprecedented eight awards this spring and summer.

The “award-fest” started this spring when Professor Toni Lester received a Babson Faculty Scholar award to support her research.

Senior Lecturer Cheryl Kirschner received a Lewis Institute Change-maker Award for creating positive change.

This award stream peaked at graduation when the Undergraduate Class of 2016 named Babson’s most senior law faculty member, Richard Mandel, the Undergraduate Professor of the Year for personifying teaching excellence at the undergraduate level and because his personal standard of quality and caring extends beyond the classroom.

Recognition continued over the summer when Professor of Marketing Law and Faculty Scholar Ross Petty received in June an Outstanding Reviewer Award from the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. He repeated this accomplishment with an Outstanding Proceedings Reviewer Award at the annual meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business in August.

More significantly, two new Babson law faculty also received honors at the ALSB meeting. David Nersessian received the Virginia Maurer Outstanding Ethics Paper Award for the best ethics paper at the meeting and Adam Sulkowski received the Outstanding International Case Writing Award.

Student authors

Professor Sulkowski and student authors

Sulkowski also supervised the writing and submission of five of the eight finalist student papers to the meeting including the paper by Maggie Jakus (Olin 2018) that won best student-authored paper award.

Student finalists:

Amani Mehta and Eagle Wu: Healthcare, fat, and carbon: an evaluation of the effectiveness of Pigovian taxes (co-authored with Sukanya Mukherjee)

Eagle Wu (presenting on behalf of Gabe Leibovich and Will Kennedy): On the predicament of Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy

Hayley Silva: What is the best way to create social impact bonds to minimize the inherent risk (co-authored with Shalom “Ruth” Kinyua)

Maggie Jakus: Did Volkswagen’s misleading sustainability claims violate securities laws? (solo authored)

Sayin Shute: An evaluation of the Dodd-Frank Act’s disclosure requirements related to conflict minerals (co-authored with Parth Chug, Gianca Devina, Edward Ojeda, and Maggie Jakus)