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Babson Professor Appointed Chair of Committee for the Mathematical Association of America

Richard Cleary

Mathematics and statistics professor Richard Cleary has been invited to serve as Chair of the Committee on George Polya Lecturers for the Mathematical Association of America (MMA) beginning in February 2017.

George Pólya, renowned teacher and writer, embodied the high quality of exposition that the MAA seeks to encourage. To further this goal, the George Pólya Lectureship was created in 1991. Each Section in MAA has a Pólya Lecture, done by a top research mathematician, for a Section meeting approximately once every five years.

“The committee always includes recent lecturers and top mathematicians from various types of schools.  I’ve been on the committee for a few years and am happy to have the chance to chair it,” says Cleary.

Richard Cleary

Professor Rick Cleary is a statistician and mathematician with research and consulting interests in a variety of fields including sports, biomechanics, and market research. Most recently he has worked with colleagues and practitioners on statistical approaches to fraud detection and audit risk. Prior to coming to Babson College in 2013, Professor Cleary has taught at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, Cornell University, Bentley University, and Harvard University. He has been very active in the Mathematical Association of America, serving six years as Associate Treasurer and Budget Committee Chair. He is currently Chair of the Joint Data Committee, a body that tracks trends in the profession for several mathematical and statistical societies.

About Mathematical Association of America

The Mathematical Association of America is the largest professional society that focuses on making mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level. The MAA publishes the latest research in mathematical education. MAA members span all professional fields, including academia, pure and applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, and government.