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Professor Hanna Co-Authors “Email Marketing in a Digital World”

Babson Marketing Professor Richard Hanna has co-authored Email Marketing in a Digital World: The Basics and Beyond, with Professor Scott D. Swain and entrepreneur Jason Smith.

Despite annual predictions of its demise, email marketing remains one of the most important tools for businesses and other organizations. The reason is simple. Other communication tools, including social and digital media channels, cannot duplicate or recreate the unique capabilities of email marketing. This book is for those who wish to learn more about how email marketing works, whether as students, teachers, or practitioners. 

Richard Hanna

Richard Hanna

The authors recap the history of email and email marketing and explain how it informs email today. They cover the fundamentals of email marketing, including types of emails, the elements of an email, email metrics, best practices for email for improving performance, list development, and the benefits of segmenting an email list. Also addressed are special topics in email strategy, including the psychology of email recipients, AB testing for optimizing email elements, integrating email with big data sources.

Richard C. Hanna professor of marketing at Babson College, in Wellesley, MA, having previously held faculty positions at Boston College and Northeastern University. Dr. Hanna has published in numerous premier journals. He currently teaches digital marketing, marketing communications, and marketing research both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Prior to joining Babson College, Dr. Hanna was on the marketing faculty in the D’Amore – McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

Scott D. Swain a professor of marketing at Clemson University, having previously held faculty positions at Boston University and Northeastern University. His scholarly research focuses on stakeholder-company relationships, technology consumption, and advanced methodology and can be found in leading journals. Scott is an active consultant to leading organizations in matters related to stakeholder psychology, branding, communication, and marketing analytics.

Jason Smith has more than 15 years experience working at the intersection of digital strategy, data, and design. As the founder of OHO Interactive (www.oho.com), a Boston-based digital agency, he works with clients across industries to create digital marketing strategies that drive conversion and revenue.

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