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Research Article by Marketing Professors Anne Roggeveen and Dhruv Grewal is Accepted to The Journal of Marketing


Dhruv Grewal

A Marketing Research article by Babson Professors Anne Roggeveen and Dhruv Grewal with co-authors Claudia Townsend and R. Krishnan from The University of Miami, has been accepted for publication by The Journal of Marketing (JM). Only 8% of all submissions in a given year are accepted to JM.

The Impact of Dynamic Presentation Format on Consumer Preferences for Hedonic Products and Services highlights how the Internet and visual technologies have given manufacturers, retailers, and service providers opportunities to present their products and services using a range of presentation forms. These include dynamic presentation formats such as videos or static presentation formats such as still images.

Anne Roggeveen

Anne Roggeveen

The authors’ research shows that a dynamic (relative to static) presentation format enhances the preference for the hedonic (vs. utilitarian) option by more than 79%. This means that online retailers can substantially increase their sales and profits by systematically incorporating more dynamic presentation formats to convey their product/service offers.

The article was published online October 2015 and will appear in the November print version.