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Babson Executive Education Dean: Dr. Elaine J. Eisenman

Elaine Eisenman is Dean of Executive Education at Babson College, the number one school in the world for entrepreneurship education. In this role, she is a member of the Babson President’s Cabinet, and is responsible for the strategy and growth of this Financial Times-top rated executive education division, as well as for the public sector educational and foundation partner programs in entrepreneurship. She also is responsible for the management of the top‐rated Babson Executive Conference Center.

Dr. Eisenman’s career includes experience as a business leader and general manager, HR executive, private and public Board member, and organizational consultant. Her areas of expertise include executive selection, transition, and succession, and the alignment of strategy, selection, compensation, and performance during periods of growth and transformation. Additionally, she has managed the human side of acquisition and integration through multiple acquisitions for three companies.