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Babson Grad Student Uses Dolls to Address Racial and Gender Expectations

“No longer are we telling black male youth that the only path to success is through hyper-aggressive career and interest paths,” says Jennifer Pierre, a Masters in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSM) candidate here at Babson. Stemming from her work with minority youth, Jennifer saw a need for young boys to be encouraged in whatever…

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Eiffel was an entrepreneur!

A quick hello from the Graduate Admissions team, which is currently travelling across the United States and the world to meet with prospective MBA and Masters students. Visit our events page to see where around the globe you can meet us in the coming weeks. And here is a photo from my colleague Jenene Romanucci who…

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It’s not a quiet summer for Babson’s Graduate Admissions!

Don’t let the absence of blog activity lead you to think it’s a quiet summer in Graduate Admissions at Babson. It’s been a whirlwind of activities and here are just a few highlights:  We’ve been actively working with our incoming Two-Year and Evening classes and preparing to welcome them as well as the inaugural MSM…