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The End of the Taxicab

The Taxi industry is a rare case that, until today, has gone relatively unchallenged and undisrupted since its inception in the 17th century. Unlike most industries – where firms gain a competitive advantage through innovation and superior products/service – the proliferation and dominance of the taxicab is solely due to city-imposed regulation. To be fair,…

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My Path to Entrepreneurship

Unlike many students who apply to Babson College, I had no interest in entrepreneurship or start-ups when deciding on schools to get my MBA. In fact, the fact that Babson seemed so focused on just entrepreneurship was a negative point in my book, because I wanted to go to a school that would help me…

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Hi all, my name is Stephen Foung. Just to give you a quick introduction about myself, I am a new student here at Babson College in the Evening MBA program. I just graduated last December from California State University, Sacramento with a double-major in Philosophy and Communication Studies. Currently I am in the hatcheries of…