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A Taste of the Real World: Babson Entrepreneurship Forum

The Babson Club fair was the most anticipated event for all proactive first years during our orientation week. The most praised club and event at the fair was the ‘Babson Entrepreneurship Forum,’ one of many large-scale events organized by graduate students each year. The BEF and other student forums attract national and international corporations, industry experts, and students from around the world.

My past experience in event management and digital marketing led me to be selected for the 2017 BEF marketing team. The journey started with our interaction with the vice president of marketing and sales committee, two great women from the second-year MBA class. We were in the eye of the storm from day one. Roles and responsibilities were clearly defined. It felt like I was working with a professional organization. But it all felt so great because I was learning so much from the mentors: how to lead, how to manage a team, and how to delegate while making sure everyone is enjoying what they are doing.

We as a team, felt surreal with the way we were authorized with so much work and our leaders willing to get their hands dirty when required. It was as if we were experiencing an oxymoron in life. The marketing campaign, the brainstorming sessions, the artwork, and all the creative work brought us close as a team with every passing day.

The fruits we bore to all the hard work were sweeter than what we imagined. Our Being an Entrepreneur campaign was well received and, for the first time ever, tickets sold out 10 days before the event. Our impressive speaker lineup included the “turnaround king” C. Dean Metropoulos ’67, MBA’68. Speakers and professors also made special mention of the efforts we made–from the social media campaign to the speaker gift design. We were proud of the fact we made our team proud.

Babson Entrepreneurship Forum is an experience every single Babson graduate student should have. As a member of the team, I learned a ton, but it was more than that. I found a family, formed relationships I will maintain for life, and found friends in mentors. The experience pushed me to participate even more in events on campus. Being part of BEF is being part of a legacy.


This post was written by Sanina Goolry MBA ‘19. Originally from Ahemdabad, India, Sanina has her own startup and is in Babson’s two-year MBA program.