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Career Progress Beyond the Classroom at Babson

Babson’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business was recently named No. 3 for career progress by the Financial Times. To me, this comes as no surprise—as the senior director of our Graduate Center for Career Development (CCD), I have the privilege of working closely with our graduate students throughout their Babson journey. And I’ve seen first-hand the impact they have across organizations of all kinds.

Over the years, I’ve been continuously impressed by the way our students approach everything they do—in and out of the classroom—with an entrepreneurial mindset. They see hurdles as opportunities. They do not fear failure; rather, they use it as a chance to pivot towards success. Whether they go on to start their own venture, become an intrapreneur in an established organization, or return to a family business, they are equipped with knowledge and skills that enable them to have an immediate impact.

We see that impact in the accomplishments of our impressive alumni community, and they continue to carry the Babson torch long after they’ve earned their degrees. It’s one of the things that makes Babson so special—our vast network of 40,000+ alumni in 115 countries is still very connected to our campus and our students. It’s not unusual to see a Babson graduate sitting with a group of students in Olin Hall. In fact, our alumni frequently return to campus to help students prepare for interviews, and provide candid feedback and advice to guide others on their career journeys.

As we celebrate this news, I’d like to encourage all Babson alumni to reach out and connect with our students. Whether you’re looking for a casual way to share your expertise, or are interested in student consulting, I’d love to tell you about all the ways you can stay engaged with our students, and help us continue to set them up for career progress and success.

Cheri Paulson is the Senior Director of Babson’s Graduate Center for Career Development. Visit the CCD website to connect with Cheri or another member of the team »