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Student Profile: Praewa “Pear” Natha Nararujaneetanan, MBA ‘19

Before coming to Babson, Pear worked as a business strategy planner at the Mae Fah Luang Foundation (MFLF), one of leading non-profit organization in Thailand and was a co-founder/designer of Lyra Brand, a clothing line currently in its fifth year of operation. She feels lucky to have met people from all walks of life through her work experience of 2 different industries.

The most impactful story at MFLF organization happened during one of her long trips to work in a far-away village in the Northern part of Thailand. It took 6 hours just to get there. Her team was exhausted and hungry from travelling. An old man saw them very hungry and worn out so he offered them the cucumber he had been holding. Pear asked “It’s about lunch time. What would you have for lunch, Uncle?” (Thai people call everyone like relatives) “This is my lunch but please have it. You are here to help us.” Pear recalls, “He gave us the sincerest smile I have ever seen. From that moment, I realized how much does my work mean to him and there are so much more that I can do to help creating the change I wish to see in the society.” From then on, Pear set a goal for herself, after graduating from Babson, she would start her own social enterprise in Thailand that has to be both profitable and sustainable business.

Her MBA experience, as of now, has been a great opportunity and a great challenge both physically and emotionally. Pear has met a lot of inspiring people from all over the world, encouraging and helping her to get ready for her future career. When asked where she sees herself at the end of her Babson experience, Pear says, “I know I will be well-equipped and well-rounded enough to start my own venture that would create a social, economic value for the people and for society as a whole.”

Guest Writer: Alex Corindia

Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire
Education: University of Colorado at Boulder
Previous Experience: Marketing, Higher-Education
Activities: Graduate Fellow at the Lewis Institute, Graduate Student Council, Babson Built (Podcast)
Favorite Babson Entrepreneur: Jon Feinman, Innercity Weightlifting