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Prototype Presentations – Babson MBAs Test Their Business Ideas

As they make their way through their first term at Babson, the first year MBA students at Babson were tasked with creating and prototyping a viable business idea, combining their skills learned in each of their Mod 1 classes. The students gathered in Knight Auditorium to share their creations and test each other’s prototypes. See student’s reactions to the afternoon below!



“The event was an exciting experience, where we could learn about our colleagues’ amazing ideas and interact with their creations.I could feel that the room had a great atmosphere and level of excitement. It was beautiful to see students exchanging, listening to and supporting each other.  Also, I was impressed by the number of projects engaged with social impact.”  – Livia Tateyama



“It was amazing to see how much our motley crew had become organized, and beyond that friends, creating something that we honestly thought could have market viability.” – Jake Maude



“When you want to take a product that you are passionate about to the market, you tend to blindside so many small details. Prototyping exercises like these are so helpful in identifying such details. We received some great feedback from the other groups and also witnessed some great ideas prototyped by our peers. This exercise was a very insightful learning experience.” – Jay Shah



“My favorite moment of today’s event is seeing so many entrepreneurs in the room and the room was filled of good energy. Every prototype was meant to create the impact to this world so I’m glad to be a part of this.” – Pear Nararujaneetanan



“After weeks of hearing snippets of other group’s ideas, it was an amazing experience to all be in the same room sharing our prototypes! Walking around the room, I got to test out using VR to relax, experience a platform described as “Tinder for donating money to nonprofits,” and learn about a new model for encouraging people to recycle bottles (there’s a chance to win $100!). I was so inspired by my peers’ solutions to a wide range of pain points in society, and I’m excited to hear how their business ideas continue to evolve over the next few weeks.” – Alison Mooradian