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A Return to Babson – Meet the New Director of Admissions Jeff Carbone

I first met Jeff Carbone in Accra Ghana during an graduate business school recruiting trip, which my then company was organizing. I still remember the first time I encountered him in person. It was about 8:30am in the lobby of our hotel before a day of sight-seeing and his opening greeting was a very assuming joke about his breakfast that immediately broke the ice and made me laugh. I then spent the next week and a half with Jeff traveling to a series of business school recruiting events. I was on the organizer side and Jeff at the time was recruiting for MIT Sloan. What makes Jeff so special is his willingness to always lend a hand – he helped direct the event crowds, broke down tables and chairs after an event – regardless of the fact it was not his responsibility. I’m very glad I got to meet Jeff Carbone in action on the recruiting road. He is a Babson undergraduate alum, who brings extensive graduate admission experience working previously at The Flectcher School, Tufts University and then MIT Sloan, before coming to Babson.

Jeff dressing up as a T-REX and teaching yoga at the recent Babson Buffoonery fundraiser

Here’s more on Jeff in his own words:

What has been the biggest force to get you where you are today?

Adaptability and willingness to say yes and try anything.

What’s something very few people know about you?

I am pretty much an open book, and I overshare. So not much…

When I’m not working or studying, I’m: Eating

If money didn’t exist how would you spend your days?

With my family and dog on the beach.


Jeff with his niece and nephew

Jeff and his husband Anil Trindade



Guest Contributor: Alyssa Lee, MBA ’17

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