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Top 5 Reasons to begin your Part-time MBA this summer

If you know business school is in your future but you’re worried about finding the “right” time to start, here’s the top 5 reasons to jumpstart your Part-time MBA this summer.

  1. You’ll still have time to get to the beach- Summer session classes at Babson are usually just 7 weeks long , and we offer lots of online hybrid and intensive weekend options so that you still have plenty of time to enjoy the nice weather (even when you’re taking a class.)
  2. Early scholarship offers- Applying for summer means you’ll be one of the first students considered for a Part-time MBA scholarship for the upcoming academic year.
  3. Start networking earlier- If you’re going to business school to expand your network or explore other career options, why wait until September to begin networking? Summer students gain access to Babson Career Services and Academic Centers in May.
  4. Start with electives that really interest you– At Babson, you can kickoff your degree by taking summer electives in your ideal subjects, and start applying the concepts you learn directly at work.
  5. Employer Tuition Reimbursement- For many of our Part-time students, tuition reimbursement from an employer is a key component of their degree financing. If your employer’s reimbursement is structured on a fiscal year, starting in May might make sense for your employer- and your wallet.

Still not sure if starting in summer is right for you? I’m happy to go over the summer class schedule, your application materials, or your employer tuition reimbursement questions to help you decide, so don’t hesitate to email me at . Summer semester begins May 22, so get started on your application today.

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