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Babson Going Above and Beyond Entrepreneurship – Professor Jerome Taillard

One of Babson’s core strengths lies in its impeccably wonderful faculty. Ranging from aiding Nobel prize winning documents to being advisors to Government officials, Babson professors have done it all. Academic acumen beyond measure, humility, eloquence, and possessing a global outlook are what define the Babson faculty, and perhaps very few else compare to Professor Jerome Taillard when it comes to embodying all these qualities while being an absolute “hoot” to hang out with.

I had absolutely no background or knowledge of finance, but in Professor Taillard’s Corporate Finance class in my first semester I fell in love with the subject. Not only did I do well in the subject, but I also built financial models for fun (and my internship) over the next year, and I owe it all to him.

Here’s Professor Taillard’s story in his own words.

What is the one life event that has left an indelible impression on your life, and how has Babson helped you nurture that feeling?

In my sophomore year, one of my TAs went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me understand the class material. It was topology, a relatively advanced topic in mathematics and I sure needed all the help I could get! He was a PhD student and I was taken by his dedication to help us absorb the material he was passionate about. This was the time I knew I wanted to do the same and become a college professor.

Years later, I have found the same dedication and love of sharing knowledge in my colleagues here at Babson. Being in a school where everybody shares this vocation to share their passion with others is truly inspiring.

Professor Taillard with the United army after beating Tottenham, December 2016

What is the one major (or more) difference between the teaching methods at Babson versus other schools in the Boston Area?

First of all, Babson has to be one of the most “student” focused schools in North America. It sounds obvious, but putting students’ needs, well-being, and learning above all else is what I see and live every day at Babson; it is part of the fabric of the school. Then there is the experiential learning. Students are taught to perform in terms of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action (ETA), whereby they need to go beyond the pure profit motive and understand who they are and how their actions can impact their communities and society at large. It is part of Babson’s “special sauce” and clearly differentiates us from other business schools.

What initiatives is the faculty or the administration taking up to ensure that Babson retains its status as one of the premier institutions for learning in the world?

In the short time I have been here, I have seen a number of initiatives designed to continuously drive improvements to the existing programs and expand the selection of courses and degrees on offer. For instance, we just launched a Master’s in Finance (MsF) that will provide an alternative to the MBA program that is more geared towards individuals who want a career in Finance. The program offers an in-depth curriculum covering many advanced topics that will prepare students for the most interesting jobs in the financial industry.

Do you have a memorable (non-academic) moment you’ve shared at Babson that you will cherish for a long while?

When it comes to soccer, I am a big Manchester United fan. Recently, several MBA students and I teamed up to watch one of their games live. A Swiss Faculty member watching a British soccer game with students from India and Latin America on a New England campus…this moment was definitely memorable, one that brought home to me the beauty of globalization and the kind of International community Babson has created.

London clubs – Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Crystal Palace have been at the receiving end of Professor Taillard’s “United” chants that propelled the Red Devils to victories over them. Jovial, ever-approachable, and a never ending bank of knowledge, Jerome Taillard is undoubtedly one of the most beloved professors at Babson, and his constant efforts to make our school the hub of academia in finance will continue to endear him to the entire community.

Corporate Finance with Section 2, Class of 2017, December 2015

Jerome Taillard is an Assistant Professor in the Finance Department at Babson College since August 2015. He was previously an Assistant Professor of Finance at Boston College. He holds a PhD in philosophy from the Ohio State University, a Masters degree in Econometrics from the University of Freiburg, and a celebrated diploma in Mathematics applied to Finance from the Universite de Neuchatel. He has authored three distinguished papers on finance, corporate finance, and financial and quantitative analysis published in eminent journals throughout the globe, and has been the recipient of the Distinguished Teacher award from the Carroll School of Management in 2012.

Guest Writer: Prateek Chakrabarty

prateekHometown: New Delhi, India
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Favorite Babson Entrepreneur: Courtney Wilson, Founder – Dropzone for Veterans