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Babson Connect: New York City – Power of the Network

Last week I had the opportunity to attend my first Babson Connect (New York City).  For those of you who don’t know, Babson Connect is a networking event that can also have an educational component.  It is a great way for alumni and current students to connect with others from both the undergraduate and graduate schools, staff, faculty, and local employers.

It was nice to meet new colleagues, local alumni, industry partners, and I was also able to connect with classmates that I hadn’t seen in years.  I joined the Center for Career Development on a few treks prior to the event.  An alumna hosted a group of current MBA students at Craft Bar (a great spot). She invited some of her close connections to lunch to offer career advice/mentorship to those students.  After lunch, we visited Endeavor and learned about the work they are doing to help entrepreneurs across the globe.  I rounded out my Thursday at Babson Connect: New York. Kevin Mulcahy, a Babson faculty member, moderated a panel focused on the work of his new book, The Future Workplace Experience, and then we broke to network over food and drinks around company roundtables.  On Friday morning, we ventured to New Jersey to visit Audible.  An alumnus and his colleagues hosted us for breakfast and lunch, and we were able to learn more about their business model, new developments, and their relationship to Amazon and its other subsidiaries.  All in all, it was an interesting couple of days, and a great way to see the power of the Babson network in action.  Next up, Babson Connect Worldwide in Bangkok!

This is just one of the many opportunities that would be available to you as a Babson student. Our partners in the Center for Career Development operate in verticals by industry, meaning the same career advisor that manages the relationships with employers also manages the relationships with students, thus facilitating stronger connections.