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Industry Spotlights are the New Employer Information Session


Dean Lamb speaks to the students and employers before the Consulting & Financial Services Industry Spotlight, September 2016

In the past, companies used to come to Babson to meet with students for an information session, and we heard that students were too busy to attend over 80 employer sessions per year, so we listened and now we are doing Industry Spotlights.  These nights gather 10-20 different employers in a particular industry or function, so that students can come and meet and learn from industry professionals in a more informal way.  Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about this new format.

What is a Spotlight?

  • A Spotlight is a 2+ hour program where the 1st partof the event is employer & student small group conversations, and the second half is open networking.
  • The purpose of the event is for companies to share information about roles and their company, and to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

How does it work?

  • During the first hour, employers will rotate to a different table every 12 to 15 minutes, while students remain at their table.
  • After you are checked in, you may choose a table based on company. Two to three other employers will be rotating to your table.
  • During this time you should be asking employer questions about their company, and their specific roles. Be aware of whether they have current positions posted.
  • The second hour will be open networking, and you can plan to visit any employers you wish.

Grad students speak with a representative of PwC at the Consulting & Financial Services Spotlight, September 2016

How should I prepare for the event?

  • CCD will send out a list of companies planning to participate two business days before the event. Spend some time researching these companies.  They will notice when students are well prepared with relevant questions.
  • All companies are here because they are interested in Babson students.  It will be noted if there are current openings, but keep in mind that other companies often recruit later in the school year for internships or on an as needed basis.
  • Keep in mind that there could easily be last minute changes for companies either having to cancel, or finding that their schedule now allows them to participate. We will send out another final list about Noon on the day of the event.

How should I dress for this event?

  • It is very important to dress in business casual or business attire.
  • T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers or other casual attire is not acceptable.
  • Students who are not dressed appropriately will not be admitted

Should I bring my resume or business cards?

  • Students may bring resumes and/or business cards to this event, however, these should be offered/provided strategically and only at the request of the employer.
  • Companies will want to know about your interest in them and may ask you to follow up with them or send a resume electronically.

Will companies have information about the students? 

  • Some companies will email students of interest based on their review of the resume book.
  • Most companies prefer to learn about you when they meet you at the event.

What should we focus on during the 15 minute conversations?

  • Expect that the company will spend time telling you about themselves, their roles and their hiring process
  • Be prepared to introduce yourself with a 30 – 60 second pitch
  • Be prepared with some basic research, and ideally specific questions for your target companies
  • Please refrain from texting and other activities while you are at a table. Companies have given up a portion of their day to attend this event, and are evaluating your professionalism so please stay 100% engaged in the conversation.

How will I be assigned to a table?

  • You will select your table based on the first employer in the rotation.
  • While you remain at this table, two or three other employers will rotate to your table
  • You will have the opportunity to talk with all the employers during the networking hour.

Have questions? Come see your Grad CCD advisor for tips!