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MSEL Countdown to Chile!


I am counting down the days until spring break (it’s only 3 days away, if you were wondering). But it’s not solely because I’m ready to soak up the sun – although that is part of it; I am excited to travel with my MSEL classmates to Santiago, Chile for our global consulting project!

At the beginning of the program, and even during the application process, the trip felt so far away, almost unreal. And now we are less than 5 days away from spending the break working with 10 different startup companies, helping them with their go-to-market strategies and whatever their company needs to grow. I’m excited to use the skills we’ve been learning out in the real world (and in a place that has 80/90 degree weather).

I plan to journal throughout our time in Santiago and report all the highs and lows from a week of being a “real” consultant! In the mean time, you can follow along with my journey on Instagram.