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Coming Soon! Grad CCD Just-In-Time Career Fair

Just in Time STUDENT FacebookCome one, come all! We welcome any and all graduate students looking for a paid internship or full-time job to join us at the Just-In-Time Career fair on Wednesday, April 6 from 2-4 p.m. in Knight Auditorium. Please RSVP in Career Connections.

Making the Most of a Career Fair

To increase you odds of securing a position from networking at a job fair, be sure to come prepared.

  • Know Who Will Be There: You will definitely have advanced access to the list of companies that will be in attendance (watch for it on the front page of Career Connections) so be sure to research the companies you are particularly interested in.
  • Know What Questions To Ask: The more you know about the organization, the more focused and pointed your questions will be. By asking specific questions, you will demonstrate you genuine interest in the company and not appear that you are just out to get “a job.” Companies are attracted to individuals who want them.
  • Manage Your Time: Get to the fair as early as your schedule allows and stay as long as you can. The more people you have quality conversations with, the better feel you will have as to which companies/positions resonate with you.
  • Have Practice Conversations: It may be helpful to initially approach a company or two that you were not targeting, so you can warm up and “fine tune” your approach before you hit the ones with whom your greatest interest lies. This strategy not only allows you some time to “practice”, but you also may learn enough about a company you thought you were not interested in, but indeed want to further explore.
  • Know Your Pitch: We have been preaching the importance of your elevator pitch from the moment you stepped on campus and this is a perfect opportunity to use it!
  • Introduce Yourself With Confidence: Step up to a potential employer with a smile and extended hand and introduce yourself. Thank them for coming to Babson. Immediately this will put you both at ease and exhibit your confidence and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Tell Your Stories: Be ready to speak about your career interests, as well as how your academic and previous work experiences developed skills that will positively impact their organization.
  • Finally, Represent Yourself and Babson in the Best Way Possible: Dress appropriately. Although professional attire always impresses, at a bare minimum dress business casual. Be courteous, engaging and interested. Even if a company turns out not to be the best fit for you, you never know if and when your path with these prospective employers may cross again.
2015 Grad CCD JIT Fair

2015 Graduate CCD Just-In-Time Fair

Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun. Your positive outlook will come through and make others want to be around you. This is your time to shine!

We look forward to seeing you there!