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How LinkedIn publishing can benefit business students

IMG_5190Last semester, I was honored to be selected as one of LinkedIn’s Campus Editors for the program’s inaugural year. As a journalism student, being given the opportunity to write more is something I value and cherish. However, I understand that not every student wants to write – and not every student thinks they have something to say.

It’s easy to “write-off” student publishing if you’re studying areas like Finance, Accounting, or Econ; but this opportunity is more than just writing, it’s giving students an opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences, connect with industry professionals, and expand their reach across LinkedIn.

Here’s what a lot of Babson students may not know about Student Voices on LinkedIn:

  • It’s not just for “writers.” Don’t have a background in writing? No problem! There are Entrepreneurs from all over the world sharing their insights and knowledge with other aspiring business people. It’s not about being a grammatical connoisseur – it’s about sharing what you know and engaging with other people in your fields of interest. [If you do need help with the grammar stuff, though, you can email me at]
  • It’s online networking at its finest. One of the first things we learn in business school is the importance of telling our stories. LinkedIn gives you the chance to do this on a wider scale. I’ve had the opportunity to share my story and interests on LinkedIn and, through Student Voices, have been able to reach thousands of other students, professionals, and possible future employers.
  • It assists with building your brand. Everything you publish goes to the top of your profile, which can be seen by anyone on the site. The more you publish, the easier it is for someone to better understand who you are. If you’re writing with your audience in mind, this is essential for your personal brand. If you want to break into Real Estate, start posting about your thoughts on the latest trends in the industry.
  • It’s an online portfolio. Like LinkedIn itself, LinkedIn publishing allows you to share your stories about what you’re doing at Babson; whether it’s a rocket pitch experience, or a retail competition, writing about your experiences allows future employers to see what you’ve accomplished in greater detail.

So, what’s stopping you from publishing on LinkedIn? If you’re interested in hearing more, you can check out LinkedIn’s Student Publishing page or email me at

Here are some fellow Babson grad students who are taking advantage of what Student Voices has to offer them:

  1. Alfred wrote about the recent Twitter drama on his LinkedIn profile and received over 7,000 views in just two days.
  2. Monica wrote a post, reaching out to marketing professionals across LinkedIn.
  3. Chanika related to international students by writing about her experiences coming to Babson from Thailand.
  4. Jennifer writes about how vital it is to teach entrepreneurship.
  5. Carlos reached almost 200,000 people with his holiday post, What can Santa teach entrepreneurs?