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The Key to Successful Landings: The Babson Graduate School Mock Interview Team

Grad CCD Mock Interview Team Reception

Grad CCD Mock Interview Team Reception

In this ever-changing job market, it’s imperative that students prove that they have the skills, experiences, and desire to do the job successfully.   Mock interviews help to prepare students for an actual interviews because they provide feedback which can help students enhance and improve their skills. Students can practice mock behavioral interviews on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and mock case interviews on Wednesdays.

Because many students have credited the mock interview team with their ability to secure meaningful internships and full-time jobs, it was agreed that this offering is an integral step in learning how to demonstrate the ways students can add value and make a difference at companies.  A mock interview is an opportunity to meet with either an external industry professional or one of Grad CCD’s advisers who acts as an objective interviewer by reviewing a student’s credentials. Our mock interview team brings years of industry experience, and have experiences interviewing high level executives themselves.

Whenever possible, a job description that represents either a position they’re being considered for or one that’s close to what they’re seeking to determine how well the student has researched the company and if they’re able to demonstrate that they’re a strong match against the position’s requirements. Our interviewer can bring the most helpful and give specific suggestions when the situation is as realistic as possible.

Several mock interviewers have provided thoughtful remarks and perspectives about interviewing including one individual who said “It all comes down to branding.  Students need to consider their work histories in terms of developing a value proposition or something they can bring to a company that can make a difference.  In order to do that, they need to become better storytellers.  Although personal victories are important, they shouldn’t be afraid to tell managers about failures as long as they can articulate what they learned from those experiences.”  Another interviewer agreed and added that “students need to try and engage the interviewer in a dialogue rather than an interrogation.  They should try and steer the conversation in a way that will allow them to demonstrate other ways they can add value.  An interview is not only about answering questions.  It’s also about learning how to ‘sell’ yourself.”

A third interviewer agreed, but also stated that “students need to be concise at times, especially when asked to provide their elevator pitch.  They need to learn how to close interviews effectively by restating the ways they can add value and asking to be considered for the job.  Students need to be more daring.  They should never be afraid to express themselves.”

The mock interview team is available throughout the week at specific times during the academic year, so if this offering appeals to you, feel free to schedule an appointment (either in person or email) by calling 781-239-4210. If you’d like to discuss how you can contribute your industry expertise to help the Babson graduate student community, contact the Graduate CCD office.