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Don’t Be a Stranger


So you are considering getting your MBA. You’ve registered on Or not. You may have your GMAT scheduled. Or not. You may even have a list of schools you are considering. What do you do next?

One of the things I very distinctly remember from the time I was an MBA candidate, was that I wanted to do my own research and not start speaking with the admissions office too soon. Why? Two main reasons. First, there are SO many ways these days to research anything online – shoes, cars, vacations, graduate business degrees and the schools that offer them. Google gets over 100 BILLION searches per month! Second, I didn’t want to engage before I had pulled it together and was ready “to be evaluated”. But there may be a reason or two – or five, as is the case in this blog post – why you should consider an admissions representative as one of your greatest resources:

    1. While there are many benefits to doing your own research, our graduate admissions team is committed to complementing that research. By learning more about your background and goals, we can help you think of the type of MBA program and school culture that would be best for you.
    2. Even more importantly, the Graduate Admissions team at Babson can help you figure out how to be a stronger candidate. The goal of admissions is not gatekeeping. We want to know who you are, what inspires you, what you aspire to. And then we can talk about ways to help you get there.
    3. When you join our admissions experience, we can offer access to unique events like our famous Entrepreneurship or Healthcare Forums that draw hundreds of business leaders from all over the world.
    4. We can connect you with an alumnus in an industry or function you hope to work in to help you get a real taste of Babson and what a Babson MBA or Master’s degree could do for you.
    5. Yes, raising your hand means you will start receiving email from us. Indeed, emails are a way that we share info, and we take pride in the type of content and the frequency that emails are sent. And we give you tools to manage what types of emails you prefer to receive and how often.

So consider raising your hand – or in Babson’s case, sign up for the Babson Bridge  so my team can learn more about you and help you live your goals. We hope to hear from you soon. And you can always email me directly at – I love speaking with candidates and hearing their stories.